The Importance of First Impressions

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There’s an old cliché that says “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, and that is definitely true for your business. Science has shown that an impression is made in as little as 7 seconds, so you need to wow right from the start.  You’ve already got a great sign that has gotten potential customers to come give you a try, but what’s next?  What can you do to make it a great experience?

Start with outside your location. So many times the little things are overlooked….keep it clean, and inviting.  Put a seasonal flower pot outside your door, and update your window displays to reflect the current season.  The outside should be a representation of what they will experience inside.  Professional looking window and door lettering is a great way to do this.

Once inside you need to continue to wow! Be sure to keep your lobby or sales floor neat and updated. A blank wall can be turned into a canvas.  You can use wall graphics to emphasize who you are, or perhaps some custom posters to present examples of what you do.  The posters can be replaced whenever a fresh look is desired allowing you to easily update your look on a regular basis.  Even your lobby floor can serve as the background for a graphic expression of your name and logo.

Business cards should be readily available and perhaps some printed materials about current or upcoming specials or events – something a client can take with them to remind them they want to come back and to share with others.

The first impression you make is important away from your location as well. Your website, social media and advertising all play a part.  But some of the most important things are your physical presence.  Being dressed well is key, but having a great set of business cards to hand out, and a professional looking vehicle both play a huge part in being remembered in a positive light as well, and are not places to skimp.

Try experiencing your business through your potential customers’ eyes. What do they see when they meet you at a networking event, driving along the road or walking into your store?  The least expensive way to land more business is repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.  A great first impression helps people remember you and keeps them talking.

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