Effective Signs Start with Great Design

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So, you’re in the market for a new sign and have determined the purpose of the sign. Now comes the fun part, creating the design.  Many factors go into making a sign great, and they can be a huge influence on a company’s ability to gain new customers.  Here are 4 of the most important ones:

Knowing Your Environment

Where your sign will be located is one of the biggest determining factors to consider when creating a design. You have to be aware of the surrounding colors, and make your sign pop – don’t make a green yard sign that is going on someone’s lawn.  You also have to take into consideration how fast traffic will be passing by, and how far away people will need to read it from.

Contrasting Colors

Color is very important on a sign. The message needs to stand out, and be easy to read, while staying appealing to the eye.  Certain colors work better together than others.  And colors also help set the tone of the message.  Think about a fire truck, usually red or yellow, both colors that are easy attention getters.

Keep it Simple

There’s an old cliché, less is more. This applies to sign design as much as it does anywhere.  The blank area around the message, known as white space (even if it isn’t white) is very important in helping the information jump out.  A graphic can be worked into this space, but it needs to be done carefully.

Use Typography to Your Advantage

There are so many fonts out there today, and it’s easy to get excited about fancy and unique ones. However, many times legibility is overlooked.  Have some fun with the lettering, but use caution.  A fancy script takes longer for the mind to read than a block lettering.  Think about a work van passing by you at 65mph where you only have a second or 2 to get the message.

It may seem overwhelming how much goes into laying out a simple sign. But don’t worry, The Sign Post is here to help.  Call or email today to get started on your great design!

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